Colonoscopy Specialist

Colonoscopy services offered in Tavares, The Villages and Orlando, FL

A colonoscopy is a procedure that allows gastroenterologists to see the inside lining of your colon and rectum. They perform this procedure to screen for, diagnose, and treat digestive disorders. At Gastrointestinal Consultants in Tavares, Orlando, and The Villages, Florida, board-certified gastroenterologists Lalbahadur Nagabhairu, MD, and Shams Tabrez, MD, perform colonoscopy procedures. Schedule a consultation with the highly skilled team by calling the office or booking online today.

What is a colonoscopy?

The team at Gastrointestinal Consultants performs a colonoscopy, a minimally invasive procedure, to evaluate the lining of your large intestine, which includes your rectum and colon.

They use a colonoscope, or scope, to perform this procedure. The colonoscope is a thin, flexible tube with a light and camera, and your gastroenterologist inserts it in your anus and slowly advances it through the entire length of your large intestine, looking for abnormal tissue. 

The team gives you sedation during the colonoscopy to reduce anxiety and pain.

When do I need a colonoscopy?

Your gastroenterologist or primary care provider determines when you need a colonoscopy. The team at Gastrointestinal Consultants may recommend the diagnostic procedure to determine the underlying cause of your abdominal pain, diarrhea, or rectal bleeding.

You may also need a colonoscopy for colon cancer screening. The colonoscopy is the gold standard among screening tools for colon cancer. Adults should start colon cancer screenings at age 45. 

How do I prepare for a colonoscopy?

The Gastrointestinal Consultants team provides specific instructions on how to prepare for your colonoscopy. Preparing for the colonoscopy is an important part of the process. 

The team needs a colon clear of stool and debris so they can accurately assess its health. They recommend you follow a clear-liquid diet 1-3 days prior to the procedure. The night before your test, you take a laxative or enema that clears out your colon.

You stop eating and drinking at least four hours before your colonoscopy, unless instructed otherwise.

What can I expect during a colonoscopy?

During your colonoscopy, you lie on your left side on the examination table, and your gastroenterologist at Gastrointestinal Consultants inserts the colonoscope. They slowly advance the scope through your large intestine looking for signs of abnormalities.

They may ask you to adjust your position from time to time to get better images. If they find any abnormal tissue or colon polyps (benign growths), they may biopsy or remove the tissue. The test usually takes about 30-60 minutes.

You may have some cramping or bloating immediately following your colonoscopy. You must arrange to have someone drive you home afterward. Most patients go back to their usual routine the next day.

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