Patients Reviews

My husband and I had our appointments together, a two for one appointment. Both of us were truly very impressed with the doctor's thorough and detailed knowledge and report of each of our issues. We would highly recommend Doctor for all of your concerns.

PATRICIA W. | May 24, 2024
Very well experienced

John B. | May 24, 2024
Very concise and informative.

Cheryl B. | May 24, 2024
Was very good to explain what was going on. Just get it done as soon as possible I said. PA was so nice to make copies. Dr Tabriz did have a laugh but still serious. Thanks

Deronda C. | May 23, 2024
Met with Dr Tabriz on Tuesday. He provided a very detailed explanation of the results of my recent blood work in simple layman’s terms. He went into great detail to assure me that all is fine. Thank you so much.

Edward W. | May 22, 2024
Waited an hour for appt

Rosa B. | May 22, 2024

Robert J. | May 22, 2024
I've been a patient with Doctor Lal.. for many years. He has done many exams and procedures. He is very busy, but seems to follow through with all my medical issues. I talk to his nurses most times, inbetween, my procedures. I don't use the email thing that would connect me to the office, I don't with any of my Doctors, I just don't want my medical issues on the internet. I'm not comfortable enough , with my abilities to use the internet. I understand I'm not his or any Doctors only patient. But I'm also a senior with very little knowledge on working through the internet.

Susan M. | May 18, 2024